How To Choose the Right Mosquito Fogger For Your Needs

Mosquito season is approaching, which means mosquitos will emerge from their hiding spots and begin bothering us once more as we enjoy the outdoors. The quickest solution is investing in the best mosquito fogger to take back control of your outdoor space. 

However, with so many mosquito fogger manufacturers to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right one that would work perfectly and meet your demands. How do you choose the right mosquito fogger machine? What factors should be considered? We’ll answer everything you need you to know.
Let’s get started!

Purpose of a mosquito fogger

Before choosing the right mosquito fogger machine for your home or business, the first step is to know its basic purpose and what a mosquito fogger does.

The mosquito fogger is filled with a liquid solution, such as pesticides, that turns into a fine mist. Its main purpose is to repel and kill mosquitos in a particular area when sprayed on. Aside from mosquitos, the mosquito fogger machine could also get rid of other insects and flying insects.

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The effectiveness of a backpack fogger will determine whether it is the best mosquito fogger for your needs. Some things to consider in a backpack mosquito fogger are:

  • Brand reliability
  • Type of fogger
  • Power and efficiency
  • Size of the area it can cover
  • Residential or commercial use

Type of mosquito fogger

All types of mosquito fogger in the market aims to kill and repel insects in a specific area. However, each mosquito fogger machine has its specialty. Before buying a mosquito fogger machine, you might want to check what they can offer you:

Thermal foggers

This type of mosquito fogger is powered by propane gas, that ignites the insect fogger machine and transforms the insecticide into mist or fog. It also uses a heating coil that transforms the liquid solution into mist. 

The disadvantage is using a thermal fogger is the need for a consistent supply of propane gas. And if fuel is expensive in your region, it could also be expensive to operate a thermal fogger. 

A thermal fogger is the best mosquito fogger to use outdoors because it operates at a very high temperature and produces fog that lingers longer in the air, thus, they are very effective. 

Additionally, it also involves an open flame so it can be risky to use it indoors. Using it outdoor can also prevent asphyxiation.

Cold foggers

This type of mosquito fogger is the most popular, mainly because it uses air pressure to force the liquid solution through the nozzle, and its flexibility in the size of the mist they produce. Whether you are working in a small area or a bigger area, the cold mosquito fogger is convenient to use. 

Also known as ULV or Ultra-Low Volume fogger, cold foggers use an electric motor as it pumps the liquid solution. With the help of the tank nozzle, it applies pressure to the solution, transforming the solution into a fog. 

Electric thermal mist fans

Electric thermal foggers work similarly to their gas-powered counterparts. The only difference is the source of their power. While thermal foggers require propane gas, electric thermal foggers require an electrical outlet.

Requiring an electrical outlet is a disadvantage especially if you are going to use your mosquito fogger machine outdoors. Its advantage is the non-requirement of propane gas to refill the tank of your mosquito fogger machine. 

Size and portability of the mosquito fogger

There are a few mosquito fogger sizes and portability types in the market, but the two most popular are the handheld mosquito fogger and the backpack mosquito fogger. 

A handheld mosquito fogger comes in both electric and gas models. It usually comes with a strap so you can easily carry it on your shoulders.

You will also encounter a mosquito fogger machine that doesn’t have a strap, in this case, it will have a handle that you can use for gripping and holding the machine. It could be quite heavy since the weight of the mosquito fogger will fall into your arms and shoulders. 

Another popular type of mosquito fogger is a Backpack Mosquito Fogger, which works better than the handheld one because the weight of the fogger falls into your back, arms and shoulders. With the backpack mosquito fogger, there is lesser strain so it’s more convenient to carry around, especially if you are covering a bigger area. 

Worker using a backpack mosquito fogger. Invatech Italia

A great example of a backpack fogger is Invatech Italia 915 has several functions. Aside from using it as a disinfectant solution, it also works perfectly as a mosquito fogger, mist blower, atomizer, and leaf blower. 

Maintenance of the mosquito fogger

Clogging of mosquito fogger internal components by chemical residue or evaporative buildup is a risk when used over time. To make sure a mosquito fogger stands the test of time, it’s always best to know how to clean and maintain a mosquito fogger

The cleaning instructions would depend on the model of your mosquito fogger. It usually requires cleaning the mosquito fogger tanks with high-pressure water to remove debris and clogs that can impair the unit's performance.

Another step to take is cleaning its hoses and nozzles that could get clogged with chemical residue. The same thing with what to use on the tanks, high-pressure water could release the build-up from a mosquito fogger machine. 

To unplug your fogger's spray tip, use a pipe cleaner to ensure that you clean every part of the spray tip. Another way is by using a toothpick or even a q-tip to thoroughly remove clogs and grime.

Brand of the mosquito fogger

Ordering a mosquito fogger machine online is probably the most convenient way. With just a few clicks, you can get it delivered to your home or office. However, it is also important to do your research to avoid getting a mosquito fogger that doesn’t work properly.

  1. Check if the company has a physical address. You may also try calling the phone number on the website and talking to a customer service staff. This will help ensure that if something is not working with the machine, you’ll know who to ask for help. 
  2. Confirm if there’s a warranty. If the company offers a warranty or at least a money-back guarantee, you’ll know that the company is reliable.
  3. Check their background and history. When was the company established? How long have they been in the market? 
  4. Look at other products offered. Could the company provide information about the products they are selling?
  5. Knowledgeable staff on the products. What types of mosquito fogger machines are they selling? Are they able to recommend the best mosquito fogger that would suit my needs?

These are basic questions you may ask to determine if the company where you are purchasing your mosquito fogger machine is a reputable company. For instance, at  Invatech Italia, we designed and built our quality backpack fogger products with professionals in mind. We also offer free 2 day shipping and no taxes on all orders! Browse our collection to find the mosquito fogger that fits all your needs.