Everything You Need to Know About a Mosquito Fogger

There are a lot of misconceptions and false information about mosquito foggers. Many people wonder if they are safe to use. While some believe they are just used commercially and not for residential homes. And a lot think they will need a certificate just to own and operate a mosquito fogger. Some people even think that mosquito foggers come in only one size, the big bulky ones.

These are just SOME of the common misconceptions we hear all the time. We will tackle everything you need to know about a mosquito fogger and how it works. Hopefully, we can answer all your questions with this article.

Let’s begin!

What is a mosquito fogger?

A mosquito fogger is a machine or tool that is filled with a liquid solution and turns the solution into a fine and small mist. Hence, another name is mosquito misters. Professionals use a mosquito fogger to get rid of any insects and other pests.

The solution used for these mosquito foggers is typically insecticides that repel and kill mosquitoes and other insects in the treated area. It will depend on what type of flying insects, like mosquitoes, or pests they need to get rid of. 

Mosquito sucking blood. Use a mosquito fogger to get rid of flying insects. Invatech Italia

We highly recommend calling professional foggers to operate an industrial insect fogger machine. You need to remember that these solutions should be handled with care. Proper personal protective equipment should be worn at all times. They might contain chemicals that can cause irritations and allergies.

How does a mosquito fogger work?

Basically, the mosquito fogger sprays mist in the air in your target area. It is an effective but temporary solution to fight all the dangerous flying insects and pests, such as mosquitoes. We repeat, it is a temporary fix. If you leave open and standing water or clogged drains and gutters, flying insects like mosquitoes will still breed. You need to find the source and cause of mosquito breeding in your place to permanently get rid of the mosquitoes.

Mosquito fogging is effective both indoors and outdoors for both residential and commercial spaces. 

Repels flying insects

A mosquito fogger sprays mist in the air. When the flying insects such as the mosquitoes start flying around where you spray the solution or the fog, the solution will kill them.

We call the mist produced by the outdoor mosquito fogger fog but they will not block your vision or disrupt your outdoor activities. 

If you want to make sure if the fogging is effective, you can look for the source of the mosquitoes or where they usually hide. Then, use your mosquito fogger in that area. You will see the bugs and mosquitoes falling or flying away.

Invasion of the mosquitoes need a mosquito fogger to get rid of. Invatech Italia

Professional foggers typically know where to look for the mosquitoes' breeding place. If there is a garden, it should be included in the fogging. Because they usually gather around and breed in standing water in the garden.

Apply eco-friendly formula

Professionals typically use eco-friendly solutions for their mosquito foggers. Their usual go-to insecticide is known as pyrethrins which are chemicals acquired from chrysanthemum flowers. This solution is toxic to insects and flying pests.

If you are planning to hire a professional to do fogging in your garden or farm, request only eco-friendly and clean solutions. You need to remember, some insecticides might be harmful to other insects, not just mosquitoes. If you have a farm, you will need the help of helpful insects such as bees, butterflies, caterpillars, ladybugs, and more.

There are eco-friendly formulas and solutions in the market to help minimize mosquito fogging impact on the environment. We highly recommend using those, especially if you are doing indoor, residential, or commercial mosquito fogging.

The effectiveness of mosquito fogging will depend on the solution used. But how long the pesky insects will stay away from your place, will depend on you. Make sure there are no open and standing water sources where mosquitoes might breed.

Use a mosquito fogger for mosquitos on water surface. Invatech Italia

Types of Mosquito Foggers

There are many types of mosquito foggers in the market. Nevertheless, the mosquito fogger will spray tiny droplets or mists of insecticide in the air making a fog, killing all the flying pests in the area. 

Here are the 3 most popular types of mosquito foggers you can find in the market.

Thermal Foggers

Propane gas powers thermal mosquito foggers and the propane gas ignites the insect fogger machine and turn the insecticide into mists or fog.

A thermal mosquito fogger turns the liquid solution into mist or fog via a heating coil. 

The common problem for many thermal fogger users is the steady supply of propane gas. It might be expensive, depending on the cost of fuel in your area. However, if propane gas is affordable in your location, you won’t have a problem with thermal mosquito foggers.

Since thermal mosquito foggers operate at a very high temperature and the fog they produce stays in the air longer, they work well outdoors. In addition, they usually involve an open flame, meaning they are not ideal to use indoors. We highly recommend using thermal outdoor mosquito foggers outdoors to avoid asphyxiation.

Thermal fogging machines are popular because they do not need to be set up before use. All you need is propane gas and your fogging machine!

Cold Foggers

Cold mosquito foggers are the most commonly used fogging machines around the world. The main difference between thermal foggers and cold foggers is how they turn the liquid solution into mist, fog, or smoke. Thermal foggers use a heating coil while cold foggers often use air pressure and push the liquid solution into the nozzle. 

What happens is the tank pumps the liquid solution using the motor. Then, the nozzle of the tanks pressurizes the solution and turns it into fog, mist, or smoke. The best part of cold foggers is that you can control the size of mist it produces. Because of this feature, you can easily adjust the size of the particles depending on the area you need to work on.

Man in white protective suit in the hotel sprays rooms with a mosquito fogger. Invatech Italia

This type of mosquito fogger is also called ULV or Ultra-Low Volume foggers. They need electricity in order to work, either via outlet plug or battery. 

Electric Thermal Foggers

Electric thermal foggers look and work just like your gas-powered thermal foggers. The only difference is their power source. Thermal foggers use propane gas while electric thermal foggers need an outlet to work.

There is a motor inside your electric thermal fogging machine that sprays mist, fog, or smoke in the air. They also have a heating coil that heats the liquid solution into fog or mist.

The problem with an electric thermal mosquito fogger is that you need an outlet for it to work. If there is no power outlet in the area, it won’t work. On the other hand, you won’t have to buy propane gas and fill your mosquito fogging machine tank frequently.

What type of mosquito fogger to use?

Aside from the type of mosquito fogger based on how they produce mist, fog, or smoke, there are types of mosquito fogger based on their portability. We will talk about two types of mosquito foggers based on their portability, namely handheld and backpack mosquito foggers.

Man with backpack mosquito fogger spraying solution. Invatech Italia

Handheld mosquito fogger

Handheld mosquito foggers are both available in electric and gas models. They usually come with a strap so you can put them on your shoulder but this is not always the case. The weight of the mosquito fogger will mostly be on your arms and shoulders. Handheld fogger machines always come with a handle where the fogger can easily grip and hold the machine while working.

The features of the handheld mosquito fogger will depend on which model you choose. For example, Invatech Italia X45 is a cold fogging machine with a flow rate and micron setting to adjust the intensity and size of the mists they produce. 

Backpack mosquito fogger

A backpack mosquito fogger is a mosquito fogger with a backpack strap. The weight of the mosquito fogger rests mainly on your back making it easier for your arms and shoulders. A mosquito backpack fogger typically comes with a long nozzle that you can easily control and move around. They are more advantageous than handheld mosquito fogging machines because there is less strain on your shoulders and arms. The weight is equal in both shoulders without hindering your movement.

The features and specifications of your backpack mosquito fogger will depend on what you have. For example, Invatech Italia 915 can be used as a mosquito fogger, mist blower, atomizer, and even a leaf blower. You can also use it with disinfectant solutions or pesticides.

Which type of mosquito fogger is better?

There are many types of mosquito foggers in the market. You have many choices which might overwhelm you. First, you need to choose between a thermal or a cold mosquito fogger.

ULV fogging machines are popular because you can use a cold mosquito fogger both indoors and outdoors without having to worry about asphyxiation. They produce mist, fog, or smoke at a higher velocity which is more effective compared to thermal foggers. In addition, in thermal foggers, you lose liquid solution because they pass through the heating coil. Some solutions will burn in the process. While in cold foggers, you do not lose any liquid solution. 

Cold fogging machines use air pressure, they do not heat up. Meaning the risks of starting a fire is lower compared to thermal. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

However, thermal fogging machines are a bit cheaper than ULV foggers. The mist, fog, and smoke they produced stay in the air longer, meaning the treatment will last longer. In addition, thermal foggers are more portable but this will depend on the power source of your thermal foggers.

Using a Mosquito fogger will create fog to kill flying insects. Invatech Italia

On the other hand, the type of mosquito fogger based on their portability will depend on your convenience and power needs. A handheld mosquito fogger is usually lighter than a backpack mosquito fogger. In some cases, the motor used in handheld types is not as powerful as the backpack type. Meaning, they do not convert liquid solutions quickly compared to a mosquito backpack fogger with a more powerful motor.

That being said, handheld mosquito foggers are still popular because they are convenient and can be used whenever you need them. They also don’t consume too much storage space and are very portable.

How long do mosquito fogging treatments last?

Several factors affect how long the mosquito fogging treatment lasts, such as:

  • Weather
  • Environment
  • Application technique
  • Mosquito population in your area

On average, mosquito fogging treatment lasts for about 30 days. After that, the effects of your mosquito fogger will degrade and will be less effective than on the first day.

If you have standing or open water where mosquitoes breed, you need to drain and clean that to stop the breeding. Otherwise, you will need to do mosquito fogging once a month, during mosquito season.

We understand the importance of using the right mosquito fogger for your next project. Visit Invatech Italia or contact us for an effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes and other flying insects today!