How Effective Is Using a Mosquito Fogging Machine?

If you are unfamiliar with using a fogger for pests and mosquito control or new to the business, you will have various questions regarding the mosquito fogging machine. More specifically, does an insect fogger machine actually work?

The answer to this question is YES. A mosquito fogging machine is effective and efficient in keeping mosquitoes and other flying pests away from the treatment area. However, the treatment will not last forever. 

You will notice an up to a 90% decrease in mosquitoes and flying pests in the treatment area within the first week. But, this drops as time goes by. The duration of the effectiveness of your insect fogger will mostly depend on the insecticide or pesticide you use as the liquid solution for your fogger.

Using a fogger is only a temporary solution to handle and control mosquitoes and pests. You need to target the main cause of the problem in order to get a long-term mosquito and pest free in your space.

That being said, mosquito fogging is a quick, effective, efficient, and safe way to kill mosquitoes and other pests and protect your space. 

Use a mosquito fogger machine against flying insects and mosquitos. Invatech Italia

How does a mosquito fogging machine work?

To put it simply, the mosquito fogging machine turns the liquid solution you added to its tank into fine mists or fog. How the insect fogger machine makes this happen will depend on what type of fogging machine you are using.

There are two main types of fogging machines, namely thermal and cold foggers. If you are using a thermal mosquito fogging machine, the liquid solution will become fog or mist by using condensation. The liquid solution will come into contact with the heated rod inside the machine and cause it to condense creating a fine and thick fog.

On the other hand, a cold fogging machine uses air pressure to make mists or fog. This type of fogging machine is also the best disinfectant fogger because the size of the particles it creates is perfect for indoor use.

What chemicals are used in a mosquito fogging machine?

There are 4 chemicals commonly used in a mosquito fogging machine to control mosquitoes and other pests, namely:


This chemical kills adult mosquitoes. It is one of the oldest chemicals used to control mosquitoes. Malathion has been used in Canada since 1953. It is also called adulticide and is mostly used in controlling pests and mosquitoes in agriculture or large-scale fogging.


This chemical works on adult mosquitoes just like malathion. Naled is very lethal to mosquitoes and insects. It can also kill some birds and freshwater fish. Make sure to be mindful of these animals and not to use naled if the treatment area has other animals.


It is a natural insecticide produced by chrysanthemum plants. There are two types of pyrethrin produced by chrysanthemum plants, pyrethrin-I, and pyrethrin-II. Pyrethrin-II is commonly used at home and all foggers can use them. However, pyrethrin-I can only be used by certified foggers. Pyrethrin works by targeting the mosquitoes' nervous system resulting in killing more mosquitoes. Also, pyrethrins are more environmentally-friendly because they can decompose in the environment.


This chemical is a synthetic version of pyrethrin. It has a very similar chemical structure and effects to pyrethrin. Pyrethroids contain deltamethrin, permethrin, resmethrin, and sumithrin. Compared to pyrethrins, they remain in the air longer and are light-resistant. Meaning pyrethroids provide mosquito control and protection longer.

Bottle with a insecticide for mosquito fogging machine. Invatech Italia

Always read and understand the labels of a product and the precautions of the chemicals before using them to keep yourself safe and ensure you follow safety tips.

How long does a mosquito fogging machine treatment last?

A mosquito fogging machine provides excellent mosquito control and protection for 72 hours. In this duration, it is at the peak of its insect control performance and will gradually decrease as time passes. However, there are instances where people notice their spaces and the treatment area is still mosquito-free, 2 weeks after the fogging. 

The duration of the effectiveness of your mosquito fogging machine will greatly depend on the insecticide you use. Read the label and instructions first before using the liquid solution or insecticide.

How long should you wait to go outside after using a mosquito fogging machine?

Depending on the product, you only need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes. But there are cases when you need to wait at least an hour before entering the treatment area. It will mostly depend on the insecticide and pesticide you use on your mosquito fogging machine. 

We highly recommend checking the label and instructions on your liquid solution to know how long before you can enter a newly treated area.

Benefits of using a mosquito fogging machine

The main benefit of using a mosquito fogging machine is its effectiveness and efficiency. It is highly effective in mosquito and pest control and protection for both indoor and outdoor use. The fog or mists contain insecticide which can instantly get rid of the pests and leave a protective barrier in the treatment area. A mosquito fogging machine is an easy and convenient way to get rid of mosquitoes and pests. It can also be used in wide, open spaces such as concert centers, farms, parks, and other outdoor spaces.

An insect fogger machine is pretty easy to use and user-friendly. All you need is the liquid solution, familiarize yourself with the controls of your mosquito fogging machine, and you can start fogging.

Worker treating an area with a mosquito fogger machine. Invatech Italia

Also, using a mosquito fogging machine is more environmentally friendly compared to other ways to get rid of mosquitoes. There are eco-friendly solutions available in the market as well. The fog it produces is odorless. It will not leave a funky and irritating smell behind.

Using a mosquito fogging machine for getting rid of mosquitoes and pests is economical, convenient, and effective. 

When to contact a professional about a mosquito fogging machine?

A mosquito fogging machine is widely available and can be purchased at many stores such as here at Invatech Italia. These highly effective fogging machines are simple to use and are the best option to make your task easier. However, choosing a mosquito fogging machine can be a daunting task with the many models and types on the market.

If you want to try fogging yourself and have your own mosquito fogging machine, contact or call Invatech Italia at 📞1-800-651-8190 today and we will help you choose the right fogger for you!