Quick & Easy Ways to Clean Your Mosquito Sprayer

A mosquito sprayer is one of the most effective existing defenses against disease-carrying mosquitos. One thing all foggers have in common is that they work on getting rid of flying insects and mosquitos. You should clean and maintain your mosquito fogger on a regular basis to ensure peak effectiveness.

Why you need to clean your mosquito sprayer

The most common and important application of a backpack fogger machine is dispensing insecticide for mosquito and pest control. It is extremely effective in dispersing insecticides or pesticides that it can even reach invisible corners to kill flying insects and mosquitos quickly.

Your insect fogger machine has a tank where your solution is located, a pump that supplies the solution to the heating chamber, and an actual heating chamber. It converts the liquid solution into vapor. When more vapor is released, it creates a fog-like atmosphere, hence calling it fogging.

Fog from mosquito sprayer. Invatech Italia

When the fog your machine is producing starts smelling burnt, it is time to check your insect fogger machine. We highly suggest letting professionals assess your machine to ensure everything is running properly. If you are not familiar with the components, you might end up harming your machine rather than letting a professional fix it.

Chemical residue buildup may clog the parts of a mosquito sprayer. Because your mosquito fogger machine might clog for a variety of reasons, it must continually be warmed to avoid chemical buildup. Maintaining a proper cleaning schedule is the best method to keep your machine in good working order.

Instruction to clean your mosquito sprayer

Cleaning your mosquito fogger machine is extremely important to keep your machine working without any hitch. Here are some effective and efficient steps you can follow in cleaning your own mosquito sprayer:

  1. First and foremost, turn your machine off. Let it cool down. It’s going to be hot and touching it could burn your fingers. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment when handling a mosquito fogger machine. 
  1. Remove the insecticide container after fogging. Allow the mosquito sprayer to work for one minute with the valve fully open. This will blow out any residual solution in the tubes.
  1. Remove any remaining liquids from the machine. Remove the insecticide container from the backpack fogger, empty it, and rinse it with clean water.  Then, depending on the type of mosquito sprayer and chemicals you use, refill the solution container with either water or kerosene. Fill the container with water if you use water-based fogging solutions. Fill the bottle with kerosene if you use oil-based solutions. 
  1. Replace the container on the mosquito fogger machine and let it run for a few minutes. The water or kerosene will flush any remaining chemicals from the fogger machine’s tubes. You can also clear up any chemical residues by immersing the mosquito fogger machine’s nozzle in the proper solvent.
  1. Fill the container with soapy water and spray it several times. This will remove any remaining liquids from the tubes. Then, before storing the mosquito sprayer, rinse the container with clean water, spray the clean water out a few times to rinse the tubes, empty the container, and thoroughly dry everything.
  1. Allow it to thoroughly dry before storing your mosquito sprayer.

Cleaning the other parts of your mosquito sprayer

After cleaning your tank, let’s start cleaning the other parts of your mosquito fogger machine.

Clean nozzle for mosquito sprayer. Invatech Italia

  1. Over time, dust and oil particles can accumulate on the nozzle of your fog machine. This will become an obstacle in spreading fog and lowering your machine’s efficiency. If the dust becomes too firm for you to remove, use a needle or any long object that can reach the accumulated dust. Then, clean the nozzle.
  2. With a clean wet cloth (remove the excess water on your cloth), wipe all the other parts of your mosquito sprayer. 

Put every component and part back into your insect fogger machine. Make sure there are no loose parts. Check if it is working properly and listen carefully. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, check the components in your machine.

Maintain your mosquito sprayer

Remember just like any machine, your mosquito sprayer should be well maintained. Proper cleaning is necessary for any fogger to function well, without any hindrances. Store your backpack fogger in a room with a controlled temperature (or the temperature should not fluctuate), and on a leveled surface. If your area is prone to floods, store it on higher ground. 

Repeat this cleaning procedure regularly. It will increase the lifespan of your mosquito sprayer. If you can’t clean your machine regularly, we suggest cleaning it after using it for 40 hours or what is specified in the product manual. This way you can be sure to extend the fogger's life and prevent corrosion.

Important reminder: Always refer to your model's user manual to ensure you're following all of the instructions.

If you need help troubleshooting your mosquito sprayer, contact or call Invatech Italia at 📞1-800-651-8190 today and we will help you choose the right fogger for you!