Prepare for Mosquito Season With a Mosquito Fogger Machine

Mosquito season is beginning and marks a time when mosquitos come out from their hiding places. Not only do mosquitos bite and bring diseases, but mosquitos are also bothersome to those who prefer to enjoy the outdoors and the warm weather. When mosquito repellents don’t work, a mosquito fogger machine is what you need. 

Mosquitos and any other insects or pests can be avoided, but you need to be prepared by investing in a mosquito sprayer. But how exactly can you prepare for mosquito season with a mosquito fogger machine? How do you use an outdoor fogger machine and what are the things to consider? We answer all your questions and more, let’s get started!

When is mosquito Season

Summer is one of the most-awaited seasons of the year because we can be out for as long as we want. However, this is also the mosquito season which usually starts in the spring when the temperature is around 50° Fahrenheit. The mosquito season could last throughout the summer and autumn seasons (March - October). 

Use a mosquito fogger machine to get rid of mosquitos flying. Invatech Italia

Mosquitos are not active all day. They are usually more active when there’s high humidity outside. This is usually during the sunrise, sunset, and nighttime. They're rarely active when the sun is out in the middle of the day, as direct sunshine and high daytime temperatures can quickly dry them. However, keep in mind that they can also bite at any time of the day. 

There are also other factors to consider. Mosquito activity peaks at different times of the day depending on the temperature, weather, and the mosquito species in your area. With a mosquito fogger machine, you don’t have to worry any time of the day because it is effective in getting rid of mosquitos

How to prepare for mosquito Season with mosquito fogger machine

A mosquito fogger is a machine that takes a liquid solution and turns it into a fine mist. It is used by professionals to get rid of bugs and other flying pests.

Most of the time, these mosquito foggers use insecticides as the solution. These chemicals kill mosquitoes and other insects in the treated area and keep them from coming back. It will depend on what kind of pests or flying insects they want to get rid of, like mosquitoes. Before operating a mosquito sprayer, you may want to go through the following steps to ensure its effectiveness: 

Get rid of standing water in the area

Leaving water standing in your yard can increase mold growth, cause problems with your foundation, and also attract mosquitoes. This is usually caused by overwatering, improper grading, and heavy rain. 

Mosquito larvae inside a potted plant fill with stagnant water. Invatech Italia

There are many ways how to get rid of standing water. You can start with diverting water from your home by cleaning your gutters, extending your downspouts, or adding a French drain system. You can also reroute to your sidewalk or use a catch basin. Before using a mosquito fogger machine, you want to make sure the mist coming from your fogger machine will not go to waste, and getting rid of standing water in the area is the first step. 

Keep the area clean and drains clear

The last thing you want is a hideaway for mosquitos. One good idea is to clog-free your drain. Heavy winds can blow small leaves, dirt, and debris into the sump (the region beneath the grate) of the drain. This debris might build up and cause a clog. You may open the grate and look beneath it for an accumulation of debris. You can take out the cause of the blocked drain using a little shovel. Also, make sure you clear debris in all directions.

Treat the area with a mosquito fogger machine

Now that you’ve taken the above steps, it’s time to spray the particular area where mosquitos usually inhabit. Simply apply the necessary amount as mentioned in the instructions to treat the area properly and ensure its effectiveness. Make sure to follow the safety instructions and wear PPE to protect yourself.

How long should you wait to go outside after using a mosquito fogger machine 

Inhaling spray mist could be dangerous. To use these items safely, everyone, including pets, must exit the treated area and close the doors after the foggers have been discharged. You will also need to notify your neighbors who are living next to you. 

Spraying an area with a mosquito fogger machine. Invatech Italia

After using a mosquito sprayer, stay out of the area until the time on the label, which is usually two to four hours. This is followed by another 30 minutes of venting the home. 

Mosquitoes, in general, prefer to avoid direct sunlight and seek shade during the day. As a result, the optimum times to use a mosquito fogger machine are early in the morning or dark in the evening. 

Now, you can say goodbye to mosquitos and indulge in the outdoors for as long as you can, with these tips on how to prepare for the mosquito season with the help of a mosquito fogger machine. Check out Invatech Italia’s selection of mosquito sprayers to see what would work best for you.