Safety Tips When Using a Backpack Mosquito Fogger

A backpack mosquito fogger is a very helpful tool to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects and then prevent them from entering your space for a period of time. It is efficient, easy to use, and makes any job easier. However, its effectiveness will depend on the liquid solution you use and add to your insect fogger machine. 

Mosquito fogging machines are simple to use. However, it’s always best to read the instructions and features of your backpack mosquito fogger before using it. For first-time users of an insect fogger machine, you might be wondering how you can avoid hurting yourself or others while using your backpack mosquito fogger.

Safety first when using a backpack mosquito fogger. Invatech Italia

There are some guidelines and procedures we recommend following when using a mosquito backpack fogger to ensure you and those around you are not harmed. In this article, we listed the safety tips and tricks you need to remember when you are using your backpack mosquito fogger. Let us begin!

Is backpack mosquito fogger solution dangerous?

Typically, the liquid solution used in a mosquito mister and fogger is similar to the common insecticides used in most homes. They contain pyrethrins, a chemical derived from chrysanthemum flowers. This compound is toxic to insects and other pests. 

However, as the person who will be using the backpack mosquito fogger, you need to keep in mind that the liquid solution is very deadly to all insects and flying pests. This includes those beneficial insects, such as butterflies, bees, caterpillars, and more. 

If you are fogging a farm, it can affect crops and plants. Pollinators are very important to plants, crops, and farms. They are active in the afternoon, we highly recommend doing your mosquito fogging in the morning and/or evening to avoid killing all the beneficial insects.

Bees are pollinators. Be careful using a backpack mosquito fogger. Invatech Italia

How to prepare and use the insecticide for a backpack mosquito fogger

Insecticides and liquid solutions used in a backpack mosquito fogger should be handled with care, especially if you are a first-time user. That is why we listed 6 things you need to remember when you are preparing your liquid solution for your outdoor mosquito fogger.

1. Read the instructions

One of the most common mistakes many backpack mosquito fogger users tend to make is forgetting to read the label and instructions on the insecticides they use. You might think it is unnecessary but we highly recommend reading the instructions even if you have been using the same insecticides for years.

The instructions included in the label might contain important information. Some might also include what type of mosquito fogger machine they are compatible with. Remember, not all insecticide is made equal. Some might work better with cold fogger machines while others are better paired with thermal foggers.

Spend a few minutes reading the instructions in your insecticide before you start. 

2. Pour the insecticide carefully

Be careful when you are pouring your insecticide liquid solution into your backpack mosquito fogger’s tank to avoid spillage. The insecticide you are using is highly concentrated and may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. 

Always wear your gloves to protect your hands.

Workers in gloves for backpack mosquito fogger. Invatech Italia

3. Avoid contact with water

This is very important for those professionals who use an electric backpack mosquito fogger. We all know that water and power cords do not mix well. 

If you are using an electric backpack mosquito fogger and long extension cords, we highly recommend avoiding any water. Make sure no water is near your power outlet and mosquito fogging machine.

4. Avoid contact with open flames

Remember to avoid contact with open flames, sparks, or ignition sources. Especially if you are using a gas-powered backpack mosquito fogger

A mosquito fogger has a gas tank. They make it easier to move around because there are no long extension cords you need to think about. However, when the gas tank is exposed to flames or high temperatures, it can explode. That is why it is essential to avoid open flames for gas-powered mosquito fogger machine users. 

Read the owner’s manual carefully for the safety and hazards statements before use.

5. Avoid direct sunlight 

Protect your backpack mosquito fogger from direct sunlight for long periods of time and store it in a well-ventilated space. Your owner’s manual will outline the temperatures your mosquito fogger should not exceed.

Thermometer reading 40 Degrees with the sun. Avoid for backpack mosquito foggers. Invatech Italia

When you are using your propane backpack mosquito fogger, we highly recommend doing your fogging early in the morning and/or late afternoon or evening. This way you do not only avoid being exposed to too much sunlight and heat but also avoid killing all the pollinators and beneficial insects in your space.

6. Avoid direct contact with skin

The insecticides used in a backpack mosquito fogger are highly concentrated. When your mosquito fogging machine turns the insecticides into mists and fogs, the insecticides get thinned out. 

When you are handling concentrated insecticides and solutions, we highly recommend using proper protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, to protect yourself.

Recommended safety equipment for a backpack mosquito fogger

Wearing the right personal protective equipment and gear when handling insecticides and pesticides is necessary. Here is Invatech Italia’s recommended safety equipment to wear when you are using your backpack mosquito fogger and handling concentrated insecticides.

Safety equipment for backpack mosquito fogger. Invatech Italia


Choose unlined, chemical-resistant, and elbow-length gloves when handling insecticides. The length will provide protection up to your wrists. 

Check the material of the gloves you are using. Remember, not all gloves are made equal. There are certain materials that can provide excellent protection against insecticides. Nitrile, butyl, neoprene, polyethylene, PVC, and barrier laminates are materials you should look into. They are effective in protecting your hands up to your wrists while handling insecticides.

Eye protection glasses

To protect your eyes, wear goggles. Look for those that provide brow and side protection. Make sure they are non-fogging or they will hinder your vision when the temperature changes. 

Wearing goggles when using your backpack mosquito fogger is very important to protect your eyes from sudden splatters when handling your insecticides. 

Remember, eyes are very sensitive. Protect them at all costs.

Respirator mask

To avoid inhaling toxic chemicals or too much exposure to insecticides, you might be required to use a respirator mask. This is where reading the label on your insecticide comes in. 

Protection Mask Hazmat Suit for backpack mosquito fogger. Invatech Italia

The insecticide you are using might contain various chemicals and ingredients that can cause difficulty in breathing and other side effects. Some insecticides might require you to wear respiratory masks to avoid these. Always read the label before using it.

Disposable coveralls

Non-toxic or slightly toxic insecticides will not require you to wear disposable coveralls. However, if you are handling moderate to very toxic insecticides, it is necessary to wear disposable and high-quality coveralls. They should be long enough to reach your gloves and cover your wrists up to ankles. 

Read the label on your insecticides before using them. 

Ear protection

There might be a backpack mosquito fogger that produces too much noise. If your fogging machine is one of them, we highly recommend wearing ear protection. Hearing protectors will reduce the noise exposure level of your ears.

You can use earmuffs, earplugs, and semi-insert earplugs to protect your ears.

When handling insecticides for your backpack mosquito fogger, you need to make sure you are well protected. Safety should be your #1 priority. Read the owner’s manual and wear the right protective equipment to prevent any accidents from happening. Visit Invatech Italia and learn more about mosquito foggers, ULV fogging machines, insecticides, and disinfectant solutions.