COVID-19: Do We Need to Use a Sanitizing Fogger Machine

Now that more people are starting to go out more since COVID-19 began, you might be wondering if you still need to sanitize your spaces. The answer to your question is YES. It is still very important to sanitize your spaces using a sanitizing fogger machine to keep residences, schools, businesses, and commercial spaces clean.

Cleaning, washing, and sanitizing should not only be done because of COVID-19. It should be applied to our daily routine to avoid any germs, bacteria, or viruses from spreading. COVID-19 is not the only virus we need to look out for, there are multiple contaminants stuck on our hands, clothes, air, and surfaces throughout the day.

Sanitizing fogger machine can help fight against viruses, bacteria, and COVID-19. Invatech Italia

Sanitizing your home, workplace, or any spaces with a sanitizing fogger machine should be a daily routine. This is not only for avoiding contacting COVID-19 but any other bacteria, germs, and viruses that contaminate surfaces in high-traffic areas.

Let’s find out why we need to use a sanitizing fogger machine to sanitize our spaces regularly.

YES, a sanitizing fogger machine is important, and here is why:

A sanitizing fogger machine is a fogger machine filled with disinfectant solutions. A fogger machine is a device filled with a liquid solution that turns this liquid solution into a fog, mist, or smoke. The main use of a fogger machine depends on the liquid solution that you put into them. Many disinfectant fogger machines can be used as pests or mosquito foggers.

A ULV or cold fogger machine is commonly used as a disinfectant fogger. These types of fogger machines are filled with disinfectant solutions then compress the solution and spray tiny particles of mists, fog, or smoke in the air. The solution will touch all the surfaces in the room that is being treated. They also purify the air in the room being treated, killing all the pathogens in the air. As a result, sanitizing the room quickly and effectively makes your job easier.

They are highly effective in disinfecting a closed space. But sanitizing fogger machines can also be used to disinfect outdoor areas such as parks, basketball courts, pools, gardens, and more.

Man using sanitizing fogger machine in classroom. Invatech Italia

Because the disinfectant solution used in a sanitizing fogger machine is not only effective against COVID-19. It is also effective against various bacteria, germs, and viruses which can be harmful to humans and pets.

You can help prevent contacting any bacteria, germs, and viruses in the future by taking preventive measures

In addition, cleaning and sanitizing every nook and crannies in your home, room, workspace, or any commercial space by hand is a very tedious task and it will take a lot of time. Not everyone will have the time and energy to spare to sanitize their surroundings. It might take a whole day just to clean, sanitize, and wipe down all the surfaces in a room let alone do it to your entire home or office. But with the help of a backpack sprayer and an effective disinfectant solution, you can easily disinfect all the surfaces in your space without exerting too much time and effort. 

Also, disinfectant solutions are more effective and thorough compared to using soap and water alone. There are also disinfectant solutions that help kill and prevent mold buildup in your space.

The potential risks of not using a sanitizing fogger machine

Disinfecting by hand using soap, water, and alcohol will take you a long time just to clean your space, home, or office. There is also a chance that you might miss a part or surface in which bacteria, germs, and viruses can fester and breed. A small or tiny surface infected by harmful pathogens can multiply in a matter of seconds. From a small surface, it can spread to other surfaces and the people who use the space.

Woman washing table with sponge which takes longer than a sanitizing fogger machine. Invatech Italia

There is a saying that prevention is the best step in protecting ourselves. We can all prevent spreading bacteria, germs, viruses, and even mold in your space and home by using a sanitizing fogging machine filled with an effective disinfectant solution.

When you use a disinfectant fogger machine, it will also kill all the pathogens floating in the air. Meaning, you can be sure there are no bacteria, germs, and viruses in the air which can be harmful to humans and pets.

You can avoid the risks of getting sick and contaminated by keeping your space disinfected using a backpack sprayer with disinfectant solution.

The importance of ongoing sanitization with a sanitizing fogger machine

An outdoor fogger machine can help remove all the harmful pathogens in the air and surfaces in your space. You need to keep in mind, your home, business, school, or commercial space is not the only place you need to disinfect. You need to sanitize your outdoor area as well. 

Disinfecting your outdoor areas like the garden, pool, and parking space is also needed. You can’t possibly disinfect the air all the time by using air purifiers or spraying alcohol in the air. You will need to use a sanitizing fogger machine to do this.

Sanitizing fogger machine with disinfectant spray to fight against virus like Covid-19. Invatech Italia

Sanitizing and disinfecting our spaces should be done regularly. Not just because of COVID-19 but also to ensure your space is kept clean while saving time doing it. Using a sanitizing fogger machine with a potent disinfectant solution is the most convenient, quick, and effective way to keep your home, businesses, schools, and commercial spaces clean.

Next steps

We know the importance of keeping your spaces clean in high traffic areas is essential. That’s why at Invatech Italia, we have a dedicated sanitizing fogger machine collection for you. We’re here to make your disinfecting process simple and easier, so you have more time for important tasks. Contact or call us at 📞1-800-651-8190 today to get started!