4 Reasons To Use an Outdoor Mosquito Fogger This Summer 2022

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a quick and easy way to get rid of mosquitoes before your next backyard BBQ or get-together? An outdoor mosquito fogger is often used in treating large spaces outside with the prime purpose of eliminating mosquitoes, that are not only bothersome but may also carry diseases

If you are wondering if it’s time to buy a fogger sprayer or if it is wise to stock it at home, we’ve covered 4 other reasons why you should use an outdoor mosquito fogger this summer 2022. 

Outdoor mosquito fogger to get rid of mosquitos. Invatech Italia

What is an outdoor fogger machine?

A mosquito fogger is a tool that is filled with a liquid solution and converts it into a fine mist. Also known as mosquito misters, it is used to eliminate insects and other pests in a particular area.

The best mosquito fogger sprays mist into the air in the desired area. It is a short-term yet effective method for combating any deadly flying insects and pests, such as mosquitoes. Flying insects, such as mosquitoes, can continue to breed if you leave open water or clogged drains and gutters. To permanently eliminate mosquitoes from your location, you must identify the source and reason for their breeding.

Most of the time, applying a mosquito repellent is not enough. The best solution is to get yourself an outdoor mosquito fogger to eliminate mosquitoes all at once. Here are other 4 reasons to invest in an outdoor mosquito fogger:

1. Prevent and reduce possible health risks

You don’t have to wait for a special gathering to take place. Mosquito control is necessary with an outdoor mosquito fogger to protect yourself from potential health risks. Mosquitos can ruin an otherwise enjoyable day outside by biting and puncturing your skin. They can also transfer diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus, and Malaria. This is why taking preventative measures to reduce mosquito populations on your property is critical.

2. Protect plants or livestock

Mosquitos don’t only pester us humans, but also our plants and our livestock, thus mosquito control is a must. An outdoor mosquito fogger is are also used as a protective precaution for plants against various plant-eating pests and animals. They can also be used to protect your pets from biting insects and to safeguard your livestock.

3. Create a mosquito-repelling barrier

Do you know that you can also use your mosquito fogger to apply another way of mosquito control? This will improve the effectiveness of your fogging even more, which necessitates fogging your entire backyard, garden, and any other areas where you don't want mosquitoes or other pests to appear. 

Outdoor mosquito fogger treats large areas. Invatech Italia

Remember to also use a fogger sprayer on the area's perimeter as well. This will act as a mosquito-control barrier, preventing more mosquitos from entering the area. This will result in even better mosquito control.

4. Treat a large area faster with an outdoor mosquito fogger

Getting rid of mosquitoes can be a daunting task. Mosquito lay eggs on places such as potted plants, toys, and old tires. When it comes to portability, a backpack fogger works best. Our best recommendation is our Invatech Italia 915 Mosquito Fogger with a 4.7 HP engine, our newest and most powerful backpack fogger machine. It can treat a large area faster than any mosquito fogger out there.  

Safety tips when using an outdoor fogger machine

You may think of it as a short-term solution, but investing in the best mosquito fogger machine works a lot of wonders for your outdoor areas. It is easy to use as long as you follow the following safety tips in using an outdoor fogger machine.

  • Read the label and follow the mosquito fogger and solution instructions exactly.
  • Before you buy a product to use with the fogger sprayer, make sure to read the label thoroughly to check if it's approved for use against mosquitos.
  • Wear proper PPE to avoid getting pesticides in your eyes or on your skin.
  • Keep the area clear of people and pets before and after the pesticide treatment.
  • Use only the suggested amount of mosquito fogger solution as your space requires.
  • Leave the newly treated space for as long as stated by the label, and do not return until the time specified on the label has passed.
  • Keep the mosquito fogger at least six feet away from gas or electrical appliances. 

If you need help with your outdoor fogger machine, contact or call Invatech Italia at 📞1-800-651-8190 today and we will help you choose the right fogger for you!