6 Places You Can Use a Disinfectant Fogger

A disinfectant fogger is one of the most versatile machines you can have to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. The disinfectant fogger is a quick and easy way to disinfect and sanitize surfaces in any size space. Not only that - it is also used in removing odors and in preventing mold. 

Learn about the 6 places you can use a disinfectant fogger. Let’s get started!

Why should you use a disinfectant fogger

There are many ways to clean up an area, but most of the time, they can’t cover bigger spaces. Sometimes, this may require an extra hand or an extra hour. But with a disinfectant fogger, you can cover the entire room quickly and effectively.

Using a ULV fogger saves you time because all you need to do is to turn it on and start fogging, whereas other types of cleaning equipment would require more time and effort.

A ULV fogger has many applications, so you only have to choose the best ULV fogger that will suit your needs. Having a disinfectant fogger also provides you the peace of mind because you only have to buy one. You can be confident that the disinfectant fogger can stand the test of time. 

1. Use a disinfectant fogger in your home

A disinfectant fogger can be used both indoors and outdoors. It could get rid of mosquitoes and any other insects, as well as disinfect your home. 

Cleaning and sanitizing with a disinfectant fogger. Invatech Italia

Are you going to move to a new home? Or have a gathering with friends or family lately? Then you have to make sure you are using the best ULV fogger.

With so many viruses or bacteria that can’t be seen with the naked eye, sanitizing your home with a disinfectant fogger is the best way to ensure that nothing harmful is left lingering on surfaces.

2. Spray your office or workspace with a disinfectant fogger

Being in a shared space at work means the possibility of the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses is higher. If you want to clean up your workplace or workspace quickly and efficiently, a disinfectant fogger is the best option.

A disinfectant fogger can also be used as a mold fogger, among its other purposes, so you can make sure that every corner is clean. Choosing the best ULV fogger for your needs is essential because you can save time and money in the long run.

3. Use a disinfectant fogger in public spaces

Public places that are frequented by people need to be disinfected more often with a powerful mosquito fogger. It may be a mall, a church, or a school. These public spaces also come with restrooms, elevators, and stairs which are often overlooked, when they should be cleaned as frequently as possible. 

A ULV fogger machine is necessary for these public spaces because it can cover large areas quickly and efficiently.

4. Disinfectant fogger can be used in medical settings

Hospitals and clinics, such as walk-ins or vets, need to be cleaned and disinfected more frequently because patients come and go. Some may even be babies or immunocompromised.

Use a disinfectant fogger in medical settings against germs, bacteria, and viruses. Invatech Italia

Nonetheless, hospitals and healthcare facilities, in general, must continue to improve their cleaning and disinfection methods in order to provide patients and their families with the peace of mind they require while seeking health care services.

How can they improve their sanitization? By employing the most effective disinfection technologies on the market, such as a ULV fogger machine to quickly clean and consistently sanitize surfaces.

5. Use a disinfectant fogger in fitness centers

Gyms and pools are great places for mold and bacteria to linger. Many people use these places so there will always be a possibility that they are not cleaned after every use. Surfaces and equipment in all of these locations are touched by a variety of people. 

Multiple people touching the same surfaces and equipment at a popular fitness center can promote the transmission of hazardous bacteria, viruses, and germs. Disinfecting regularly using a ULV fogger is the best way to ensure these spaces are being properly sanitized.

6. Spray car interiors with a disinfectant fogger

Whether it’s a new or an old car, spraying the car with a disinfectant fogger ensures that it is clean to use. Instead of asking a car wash company to clean the interiors of your car, you can do it with a disinfectant fogger now anytime and anywhere. This will save you a lot of money as well as time.

Make sure you choose a water-based fluid to avoid damaging your car's interior.

Safety tips when operating a disinfectant fogger

Here are the safety measures to take when using a disinfecting fogger. Because the disinfection fogger is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in a variety of ways, you must take all of the essential precautions before using it. It is best to educate yourself before using one to avoid any accidents or serious issues when using a disinfectant fogger.

Use a disinfectant fogger in public spaces against germs, bacteria, and viruses. Invatech Italia

Read the instructions and manual of your specific disinfectant fogger before use.

  1. Move away from your ignition sources. This is because, if a substantial amount of fogging material comes into contact with ignition sources like an electrical appliance spark, a pilot light, or a flame, an accident may occur.

    Also, remember that fogging devices tend to be hot, so place your fogging machine at least 6 feet away from any sources of fire.
  1. It is best to operate the disinfectant fogger when no one is around to prevent inhalation of the solution. Notify them especially the ones nearby so they won’t be able to inhale the fog and make sure that there is proper ventilation.
  1. It is essential to cover the important areas where there is food to prevent contamination and/or furniture damage. If possible, perform a spot test on the surface to determine if it stains or causes damage.
  1. To avoid inhaling the solution, wear protective gear especially if you are spraying pesticides with a ULV fogger machine.

Where to get a quality disinfectant fogger

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