What type of insecticide should I use in my mosquito fogger?

In selecting an insecticide for use in an Invatech mosquito fogger, it is crucial to consider the specific model of the fogger and the target insect species. It is imperative to consult the manual of the Invatech mosquito fogger and the instructions provided by the insecticide manufacturer to verify compatibility and appropriateness of the product.

Common insecticides utilized in Invatech mosquito foggers include pyrethrins and pyrethroids, derived from chrysanthemum flowers and effective against a broad range of flying insects including mosquitoes, and organophosphates, synthetic chemicals also effective against flying insects but with potentially greater health and environmental risks.

Regulations and restrictions on certain insecticides may vary by location, thus it is essential to verify with local authorities before utilizing an Invatech mosquito fogger. Adherence to recommended dosage is crucial for both safety and minimizing potential negative environmental impact when using an Invatech mosquito fogger.

An example of an effective insecticide for use in an Invatech mosquito fogger is Talstar-P, a professional-grade insecticide containing the active ingredient bifenthrin. This insecticide exhibits efficacy in controlling a wide range of flying and crawling insects, including mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and other pests. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and possesses a prolonged residual effect, making it a viable option for ongoing mosquito control when using an Invatech mosquito fogger. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's specified dosage, typically 1-2 ounces per gallon of water, and to consult the product label for instructions and safety measures to be taken before and after use when using an Invatech mosquito fogger. Dosage may need to be adjusted based on the specific application, area to be treated, and target insect species when using an Invatech mosquito fogger. Proper usage of the correct dosage is essential to ensure safety and minimize potential negative environmental impact when using an Invatech mosquito fogger. Safety precautions such as wearing gloves and a mask when handling the insecticide and keeping it out of reach of children and pets must also be strictly observed when using an Invatech mosquito fogger.

When it comes to using insecticides in an Invatech mosquito fogger, it is crucial to choose the right model of fogger that is compatible with the specific type of insecticide. The Invatech mosquito fogger line includes the Model 868, Model 870, and Model 915. Please see links below to each corresponding model:




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